Fruitful Life Impact Initiatives

Healing Hearts and Homes

"When we watched inspirational TV shows like Extreme Home Makeover, Holmes on Homes and Fixer Upper, we would always say that we will do that for people, someday, but our work will take place inside hearts and homes. We will build new foundations and totally remake inner structures." --- Chris and Carol Green


Today we are fulfilling that promise through our Impact Initiatives:

We Made a PACT
Marriage Enrichment and Resiliency
Heart and Home Prayer Campaign
Fight for Your Family
Speaking Fruitful Life
Prayer Watch
Daily Prayer and Devotionals
Woman of Worth
Understanding Your True WOW Factor
Honor Role
Honorable Men, Husbands and Fathers
Nuggets of Wisdom
100 Nuggets of Wisdom
Blogs and Newsletters
News, Updates, Editorials and Reviews​
Unlock the Leader Within
iHave Value to God
Fruitful Life Learning Community
Home Groups & Faith Life-Development
C & C Connections
Leadership Coaching and Consulting
Fruitful Life Media Library
Reference and Resource Website
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Rebuilding, Restoring and Renewing Hearts and Homes

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Chris and Carol Green are not affiliated with any political party, religious dogma, or 'bandwagon' social movements. They have been under-the-radar leaders in an international phenomenon in which people of faith have been moving, by the thousands, out of their traditions and buildings to take healing and hope to their families and neighborhoods.