Healing Hearts and Homes

Chris and Carol Green

The Fruitful Life Network is an online depot for families and communities that was created and  launched by Chris and Carol Green. It provides a directory and database of resources, information and connections for community outreach, human service, government, education and faith-based leadership. 


What do they do? Chris and Carol Green synergies the insight from their personal success in marriage and parenting, with the priceless wealth of their professional and pastoral experience. With the wisdom of nearly four decades, they teach, coach, equip and empower people in their: 

  • families

  • households

  • occupations

  • businesses

  • and ministries


The collaborative impact of this online depot and the unique relationships within this Network can:

  • provide leadership training for the home, community and ministry

  • help people grow and develop in a holistic, healthy way

  • empower leaders to triumph over inner limitations and obstacles 

  • equip leaders to become more effective and fruitful in their personal and professional lives

The Mission: Rebuilding, Restoring and Renewing Hearts and Homes

The Vision: Establishing an extraordinary future for families by fostering healthy relationship  connections and building healthy leadership connections in households, neighborhoods and communities.

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Chris and Carol Green are not affiliated with any political party, religious dogma, or 'bandwagon' social movements. They have been under-the-radar leaders in a national phenomenon in which people of faith have been moving, by the thousands, out of their traditions and buildings to take healing and hope to their families and neighborhoods.