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Fruitful Life Family Channels  Providing wisdom and insight from 35+ years of success in marriage and parenting; creating and fostering  healthy relationship connections for households through: 

  • CARE-Ready Providers & Coaches

  • Marriage Enrichment and Resiliency

  • Fight for Your Family

  • The Honor Role

  • Woman of Worth

  • 100 Nuggets of Wisdom

  • Unlock the Leader Within

  • Daily Inspiration & Prayers



Fruitful Life Learning Community  with its life-development emphasis, equips people of Faith; teaching how to connect with and disciple others. We also provide practical engagement for building healthy leadership connections in households and neighborhoods through:

• Alliance of Families, Small Groups, House Churches and Ministries
• Personal Growth for Leaders
• Relational Development
• Online Courses & Ministry Training


Fruitful Life Family Media is our vast digital library of over 1500 video/ audio recordings, produced from 11+  years of messages and moments in a weekly outreach of participatory teaching and group life coaching. Ideal for researching Fruitful Life Network's historical content, this digital archive is a treasure vault of: 

  • Teaching Series

  • Topics of Interest

  • Insight and Wisdom

  • Books and Free Downloads

  • Blogs and Newsletters



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Chris and Carol Green are not affiliated with any political party, religious dogma, or 'bandwagon' social movements. They have been under-the-radar leaders in a national phenomenon in which people of faith have been moving, by the thousands, out of their traditions and buildings to take healing and hope to their families and neighborhoods.